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Compensation limit

The claim for compensation is limited to 90% of the liabilities from securities transactions and the equivalent of EUR 20,000.

In the calculation of the claim for compensation the amount of the moneys and the market value of the financial instruments shall be the basis for determining the occurrence of the event of claim. The admissible limit of compensation refers to the total claims of the creditor against the securities trading firm irrespective of the number of accounts, the currency and the location at which the accounts are kept and the financial instruments held in custody.

For joint accounts the share of each individual account holder is relevant for determining the upper limit. In the absence of any particular regulations, the moneys or financial instruments will be apportioned to the account holders in equal shares. If the creditor has acted for account of a third party the upper limit will be determined on the basis of such third party amounts.

To the extent that EdW fulfils the claim for compensation of an eligible claimant, the claimants' claims against the institution will devolve on EdW.

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